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How much ice do I need?

The question we are asked the most.

How much ice you need largely depends on what you are going to use it for. You will probably have a container for drinks, usually two or more if your event is for more than 20 people. Perhaps one for chilling wine and one for chilling beer. But maybe another for soft drinks and another for chilling bottles of water. Maybe Champaign too if it a wedding or special event. Also take into account how long will the event last. After about two or three hours you will probably need to add more ice to your containers every hour or so. What kind of people are attending your event. A rugby club disco lasting from 7pm to 3am will usually drink far more than corporate annual dinner. But not always. We've seen events initially planned to last only two hours going on for many times that. On the other hand we've seen events planned for five or six hours only lasting two. Due to people having to leave early because they have to travel long distances, or because of bad weather, or other reasons. The best advice we can give is to look at the containers we provide, and our gallery, and you should have a much better idea of how much ice you need.


How long does ice take to melt?

Most people think that ice cubes will melt very quickly and needs to be delivered just before their event starts. This is not really necessary. Because our ice cubes are real solid "cubes", they can melt slowly. We carried out an experiment on a warm August Bank Holiday weekend. We stacked 10 x 12Kg bags of ice together outside against a wall and covered with a bath towel. That was on the Saturday afternoon and the following Tuesday there was still about 15% of the ice left. Each day and night was warm and the ice was also in direct sunlight for part of each day. This means that if your event starts at 8pm for example, We can delivery during the afternoon for our Standard Delivery charge and you should not lose too much ice through melting. Alternatively we do offer an evening or Timed delivery service at extra cost.


How long does ice take to chill a bottle of wine from room temperature?

There are two answers to this question depending on whether you add water to the ice cubes. If you add water to the ice a bottle of wine will chill from room temperature in approximately 15 minutes. If you don't add water to the ice cubes the bottle of wine may take hours to chill. We recommend that you fill your container approximately half to two thirds full of ice cubes. Add water up to the level of the ice. Then add the drinks that you want to chill. Perfect!





Our ice cubes are made from double filtered and Ultra Violet treated water. our ice cubes are actually "cubes" approximately one inch square. Beautiful long lasting ice cubes. Not fast melting hollow cylinder "ice cubes" sold by some, that are often broken and dripping wet on delivery.


How many ice cubes are there in a 12 Kg bag?

Approximately 500 to 600.






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